Using flexible asset allocation of both equities
and fixed income balanced funds provide both
growth and income opportunities.

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Midyear Outlook: Reining In Risk

Our senior CIOs discuss their global investment outlook and how they are looking to play defense in uncertain times.

Discover the Potential for High Yield

Look for extra income opportunities and expand income sources.

The 3 Market Factors for Bond Investors

Simon Wong, Head of Retail Sales for Greater China, shared his views on the 3 market factors for bond investing including Interest Rate Expectation, Market Liquidity and Emerging Markets Growth. (Cantonese)


Health Care Sector Innovation—How Biopharma Scientists Save Lives Globally

Are the newest medicines science fiction? Equity Markets explores biotechnology entering the...

Understanding the Climate Change Challenges Facing Consumer Goods Companies

Report back from roundtable co-hosted by the Carbon Disclosure Project and Franklin Templeton.

On My Mind: Embracing Tech Disruption

How can data science and new technology tools be applied to bond investing?

Automation For The People: Fintech In The Real World

How are demographics and technological advances changing financial services?

On My Mind: US Fed in Tough Spot as Market Clamors for Rate Cuts

Is this an attempt to pacify the markets? Sonal Desai, our Fixed Income CIO, asserts the Fed keeps trading less volatility today for greater volatility—and financial risks—later down the line.

Strong June Pulled the Quarter Up

Emerging Markets Insights 07/2019